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Kara Mshinda 32 1.jpg

Kara Mshinda (she, her, hers) is an abstract artist with roots in photography and collage art who contributes to current visual dialogues that shape diverse and changing meanings of otherness and art.


Born and raised in Ohio, Mshinda graduated from The University of Akron with a degree in Interdisciplinary Anthropology. She later relocated to Philadelphia to pursue her Master of Arts in the Anthropology of Visual Communication program at Temple University. Her graduate work focused on the visual language socialization of a community of graffiti writers in Philadelphia. In addition to creating artwork, Mshinda is Fellowship Director at Da Vinci Art Alliance and an instructor at Tyler School of Art and Architecture where she teaches on the themes of race, identity, and artistic practice. She is also a member Tiger Strikes Asteroid Philadelphia.

Mshinda's work has been exhibited at Rush Arts Philadelphia, Mana Contemporary Chicago, Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Philadelphia Sketch Club, 20*20 Gallery, and William Way LGBT Community Center. 


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